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Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

What is the Exceptional Family Member Program? The EFMP is a program that works with military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, special housing accommodations, community support, and personnel services to families with special needs.

What is an Exceptional Family Member? They are an authorized family member who requires special medical, educational, and/or mental health services based on a diagnosed physical, intellectual, and/or mental health/behavioral disability.

What are the benefits of enrollment in the program? Enrollment allows assignment managers to consider the documented needs of the Exceptional Family Members. When possible, the active duty service member is assigned to an area where the family member’s needs may be met. This will depend on a valid personnel requirement for the service member’s rank, specialty and eligibility for the tour. Additional services may include information and referrals, advocacy, support groups, respite care, and relocation services. Enrollment does not guarantee special consideration for advanced housing placement, appointments or other benefits that are not routinely available to families.

How does a family member enroll in the program? The active duty service member or spouse calls the EFMP office for information or to schedule an appointment. You may download and complete DD Form 2792 Medical Summary, AF Form 1466, AF Form 1466D and/or DD Form 2792-1 Educational Summary from the Air Force Publishing website. If applicable, bring the child’s IFSP or IEP for completion depending on the enrollment eligibility criteria identified. The enrollment should be updated if there are substantial changes to diagnosis or contact information, and when the service member relocates. EFMP is designed to provide support to military family members with special needs. All branches of the military offer EFMP, and each Service includes a variety of personnel, medical and family support functions under the EFMP umbrella. Learn more about the Exceptional Family Member Program.

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