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“Here To Help You Thrive”

Proud Sponsor of Operation HeRO - A Commitment to the Health & Readiness Optimization of our Troops & Civilians


Get Excited and Focused on Improving Your Fitness!

Military, as well as Civilians, start by participating in the Kick-off event Fitness Assessment Specific Training virtual class to learn unique training methodologies utilized during the challenge and to obtain their Fitness Frenzy Training Log and instructions. Then over the next 30 days, earn up to 300 points following a weekly progressive cardiovascular and strength training regimen that keeps you motivated with results you will see each week. Conclude on the 30th day of your challenge by turning in your Fitness Frenzy Training Log.


Create Quality Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep Habits! The Soar into Health 4-week Challenge

Start by participating in the Kick-Off Event Eating, Exercising & Thriving virtual class. Then over the next 4 weeks, earn up to 400 points completing behavioral goals associated with sound nutrition, recommended exercise and quality sleep. Graduates from this challenge may then go on to participate in The Master’s Soar into Health 3 Week Challenge, which starts with participation in the Master’s Eating, Exercising & Thriving virtual class.

Learn & Apply Thought Processes & Actions for a More Meaningful & Purposeful Life! The Thriving Mind Challenge

Each class provides a participant workbook with objectives, that once completed, will have you thinking, feeling and performing better every day. Graduate from the challenge by turning in the completed workbook associated with each class.

The HeRO Challenge - The Ultimate in Optimizing Your Health and Readiness and the Wellbeing of Others!

Complete our Fitness Frenzy, Soar into Health and Thriving Mindset Challenge and any Volunteer Event of your choice. A tremendous opportunity to boost your physical and mental health, learn life-enhancing skills and make a difference in the lives of others. Graduates obtain the highest praise from the Health Promotion Office and have military leadership informed of their distinguished accomplishment.

Virtual Classes

  • Eating, Exercising & Thriving!
    • Obtain insight on nutrition, physical activity, living a thriving life and most importantly, strategies to improve all three.
  • Fitness Assessment Specific Training!
    • Absorb guidance on training specifically for the AF Fitness Assessment to avoid common training mistakes that limit improvement and/or test day results and to apply unique training principles that maximize improvement and/or test day results. 
  • Sleep is King!
    • Discover the science of sleep and initiatives to take in order to add life to your years and years to your life.
  • Mindset Motivation!
    • Learn an amazing technique to develop thought patterns for high performance to become more confident, overcome procrastination and other mental barriers that limit your potential.
  • Stress to Strength!
    • Unmask a revolutionary new approach for leveraging stress to strengthen your personal wellbeing.
  • Emotional Control!
    • Unveil an amazing process for developing self-control over emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger.

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