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Medical Standards Management Element (MSME)

Clearance Procedures

Step 1
Members will initiate the Medical Clearance Review by logging onto the ‘My Individual Medical Readiness’ site at Air Force members will request a Medical Clearance Review for the following actions:
  • Commissioning
  • Developmental Special Duty
  • Initial Flying Class physicals
  • Overseas PCS
  • Palace Chase/Palace Front
  • PME attendance requiring an AF Form 422
  • Retraining/reclassification
  • CONUS PCS that require an AF Form 422
Step 2

All Clearances: Members use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal and send a message to Offutt Base Operational Medicine Clinic (search "Offutt BOMC") and follow instructions below for the type of clearance requested. Subject line will be one of the following (Overseas, Retraining, PME, PCPF (Palace Chase/Front) CSB, CONUS (if applicable), Commissioning, OTS.

Overseas PCS: Service members must send Medical Clearance Memorandums and Personnel Processing Code, located on their RIP. Members should ensure all IMR requirements (PHA, immunizations, and HIV tests) are current and will remain current 60 days past their report no later than date. Once the service member has initiated the process through the MyIMR site and sent a message to BOMC with appropriate paperwork, a comprehensive record review will ensure the service member is medically qualified for the OCONUS PCS. MSME staff will contact member with instructions to schedule and complete specific medical tasks (i.e., face to face with PCM, PACAF/SG Waiver).

vOP for CONUS & OS: This is done by MSME within 14 days of the final out appointment. If this has not been completed by two duty days prior to final out appointment, use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal and send a message to Offutt BOMC (Base Operational Medicine Clinic) to request MSME “complete” within vOP.
All other actions listed above (retraining, special duty, etc.): Service members must include their CC/FM approval letter, AFPC email, AMS listing and/or any required verbiage on the AF Form 422.
Navy Sea/Operational Duty Suitability Screening: Service members must indicate the service and type of screening requested and attach
  • Sea Duty Orders
  • Page 13 Memo
  • NAVMED 1300/1 with demographics section completed
  • NAVMED 1300/2 with demographics completed
  • NAVPERS 1300-16 with demographics completed
  • DD 2807-1, lines 1-29 completed

PCM appointment may be scheduled after being cleared by MSME.
Navy Shore Duty Suitability Screening: Members must attach their Page 13 Memorandum and indicate the service and type of screening requested.
Sister Service Commissioning Physicals need an appointment with their PCM for all paperwork completion.

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